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How do we define Creative Adda?

We provide a stage to the performers aiming where they can learn, interact & construct their art. The platform aims to organize shows & tours with Comedians, Storytellers & Singers from the industry. We aim to provide a complete ecosystem to artists from various fields, at different stages of their creative journey.

We are a very young team of 5. Apart from the 5 of us, we are a 12 member team that includes the Social media & Tech team- Website, Video editors, and Graphic designers.

Whom do we cater to?

We cater to two segments:

  • The audience who are the ultimate consumers of the content or entertainment.
  • The prospective artists who want to pursue an art form, need a platform to showcase their talent & interact with experienced & established artists to hone their skills.

What do we offer to our consumers?

We attempt to provide the audience with entertainment avenues in Tier 2 cities like Jalandhar. Also, we try to present the audience with newer artforms & new talents whose performances they might not have experienced before.

What motivated us to startup?

Harsh Singh, Our Founder, had a passion for performing arts. He performed in Delhi circuit & found an absence of platforms for the talent which was hidden in the small cities of the country & didn't get a stage to showcase it. He managed to convince a Cafe owner in his home town Jalandhar to organize an open mic for the artists. Along with his core team, he pulled off the event & thus began the Journey of 'Creative Adda'.

What’s in a name?

We wanted the name to give a homely or friendly vibe. The best of the content is churned out or developed sitting with your friends. We also wanted it to reflect that it's for all art forms. Hence, the name.

How do we see Social Media?

The lockdown has made us realize the importance of social media. To ensure that the learning activities don't halt for our budding talents and also for all those who are interested to improve their craft, we started live sessions on our social media handles having conversations with our regular artists and some seniors from the media and digital industry.

Soon, we were able to bring forth the Live sessions with some of the talents from across the country who have established themselves in their craft. It made us realize that the conversations, interactions, and exposure that we were seeking in the physical space, are way easier to get in the virtual space.

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Currently, we are…

Currently, we are working completely over the digital space & organizing Comedy Shows, Storytelling & Poetry Shows over the Internet. We co-organized a whole literature festival spread out over different platforms for 3 days over the internet where more than 100+ artists from different fields across the country.

We have been holding interview sessions with celebrities and artists under the series named 'Sawalo ka Silsila' on Instagram and YouTube. Recently, our website also went Live through online channels. We're actively posting blogs that cover various entertainment-related topics.

Our biggest challenge was…

Our biggest challenge & learning has been the lockdown phase. Organizing shows & meetups for the artists is something that has always happened in the physical space. Providing entertainment & the learnings for the artists, both, had come at a point of stagnancy during these times.

But the good thing that happened was when we started figuring out the power of social media & finally commenced our interview sessions over the digital space & we co-organized an online Literature festival for 3 days as well.

We want to dominate the world...

  • We believe that we have just started our journey and have a long way to go. We want to continue with the online live sessions that we started in the lockdown.
  • Second is, we will now be signing some talents whom we would be managing regularly and aim to help them to grow. 
  • Further, we are attempting to strengthen our developing ecosystem that includes - the website, the social media, online and physical events.
  • We are also planning on writing and producing web series & short films which shall materialize in the next 9 to 12 months.
  • B2B content writing is something that we are looking at very seriously.
  • Speaking about the long term objective, we feel some crafts like poetry and storytelling are still in nascent stages, and in some countries across the world they don't exist as well. So, we want to diversify and set up teams or start events in different parts of the country as well across the world.

The goal is to create a global community of artists that cut across geographical or cultural boundaries.

We’re making moolah by...

Initially, our objective wasn't to earn money. We've always been very emotional about our entity and the work we do. Initially, almost all the money we minted off for our events was directly transferred to the artists. Now, we believe that the right time to start making money would be if the talents that we helped grow, are ready to take on the stage. We will be earning from their shows and managing those.

The next set of earnings would be from the B2B content writing that we will be doing. So we would have enough money resources to fund our expanding activities.

Our What The **** Moment

When we organized our first digital open mic, we were expecting the same regular names for the city who would come and perform. But to our surprise, we got entries from different states including Maharashtra, Haryana & even from Canada and America which surprised us in a good way that the possibilities are immense if you can explore them.

The industry as we foresee

  • We have seen a lot of developments in the last 6 years in the digital space. It has grown manifolds.
  • A lot has been spoken on this topic over the years even saying that it would take surpass the TV and the film industry. We believe there is a place for every platform and all the three media would co-exist.
  • You would see a lot more talents and production houses coming from Tier 2 and 3 cities because of the opportunities provided by social media.
  • The content industry would be decentralized and won't be restricted to a single city of Mumbai. Social Media provides level playing ground to all.
  • In the coming years, we would see it getting the status of an Industry as the hundreds and thousands of people might depend upon the medium for their livelihood.

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