Snapchat launches Brand Profiles in closed beta

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Jul 20, 2020 10:04 IST
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Brand Profiles

All branded experiences on Snapchat such as AR Lenses, commerce stores, content, and more can now be found in Brand Profiles, introduced on the platform in closed beta.

Brand Profiles puts all factors contributing to a brand's presence in one hub. Mobile and Web Management tools will also be accessible to brands to aid them to manage content and review data & insights about the audience and their interests.

This initiation can aid brands to build a productive and comprehensive presence, with the help of the few recently launched resources.

Such as Lens Web Builder, designed for building professional AR Lenses in minutes, anyone can access the tool for free. It is particularly useful to brands or agencies that want to produce AR Lenses without the additional support of highly skilled creators.

Brand Profiles

Several brands from various sectors such as Beauty, Entertainment, F&B, and more have been making the most of AR Lenses and Experiences.

A few months ago, L’Oréal launched custom lenses for virtual try-on of different looks and shades. The second season of the show Four More Shots Please, was promoted with an AR Lens that sets up the 'Truck Bar', as the background and alters users’ hair and attire that matches the club’s settings.

Several movies such as Venom, Shazam! and Trolls World Tour have also been promoted with AR Lenses.

Now, all of a brand's AR Lenses that either integrate a new line of products, or a music label's new album, or an OTT platform's new show, all of it will be available in their Brand Profile, along with Snapchat Search and Lens Explorer.

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Public Stories can be shared with all users on the platform and not just the followers via Brand Profiles, and brands can also permanently display their Public Snaps, Stories, photos, and videos with Highlights.

Brand Profiles

Brands can also cash in on the leads generated with these components within the app. Users can browse products from the Native Store in Brand Profiles, and make in-app purchases powered by Shopify.

Brands and advertisers can resourcefully use the recently launched 'dynamic ads' that offer platform-native templates, to cut down manual efforts to create ads.

With Brand Profiles, brands will be able to have an end to end presence from creating content, showcasing products, to enabling a purchase.

Ben & Jerry’s, Dior, Gucci, L’Oreal Paris, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Target, and Universal Pictures are few of the brands that are presently invited to be a part of the closed beta phase.

Brand Profiles

Snapchat mentions that they will open the platform to more businesses this year, and is also working towards enabling this initiation for businesses of all sizes.