Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft World Emoji Day creatives, Bumble campaign & more

Campaigns roundup July week 3

Here’s to another week of some impressive work from brands and agencies all over the world. Check out some of the social media campaigns that were rolled out this week.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features World Emoji Day creatives, Bumble’s Love Will Find A Away campaign, Katrina Kaif campaigns and more.

World Emoji Day creatives vitalize visuals

World Emoji Day creatives amp up brand communications through emoticons and celebrate the digital images with an evocative tone. Read more here.

Love Will Find a Way, says Bumble in new campaign

The new Bumble campaign highlights the importance of virtual connections, romance and support amidst the ongoing pandemic. Read more here.

Screening the best of Katrina Kaif Campaigns

Seize the day my friend, watch these Katrina Kaif Campaigns today and then decide what will you do after you retire at the age of forty. Read more here.

COVID-19: Lockdown Campaigns during the pandemic that kept Singapore going

Here are campaigns from the Land of the Lion that surfaced during the pandemic and give a glimpse of marketing in times of a pandemic in Singapore. Read more here.

When you accidentally type the correct title

Here are brand posts created on purpose, to depict what happens when you accidentally type the wrong emojis. Read more here.

Center fresh urges people to ‘Stay Fresh Behind the Mask’

New Center fresh campaign highlights the need for consumption of fresh mints while wearing a mask for a prolonged period. Read more here.

Spotify launches new campaign highlighting playlists for every mood

Conceptualized by Leo Burnett South Asia team & directed by Ram Madhvani, Spotify India’s new campaign aims to strike the right emotional chords during the lockdown period. Read more here.

Global Domestic Violence Campaigns created to restrain it

It’s not just social media usage that is at an all-time high, domestic violence during the lockdown is too, and these campaigns describe its brutality. Read more here.

Hyundai releases corporate brand anthem

Hyundai India released a corporate brand anthem ‘Haq Hai Humara’, as a tribute to the ‘Indomitable Spirit of India’, to bring together the people of India and salute their resolve to stand united and stay strong in this unprecedented adverse situation. Read more here.

Decoding: Pillars of Flipkart Social Media Strategy

The brand noticeably leverages celebrity power, highlights products and makes use of bright creatives as part of the Flipkart social media strategy. Social Samosa attempts to understand the e-commerce player’s digital marketing game. Read more here.

Brand Saga: From Italy to India, Bisleri – a journey through time

While you revel in the downpour with a cup of chai in hand, we unfold the Bisleri advertising journey and explore the different facets of its marketing chapter. Read more here.

Inside: Breathe Into The Shadows Marketing Strategy

We take a look at the Breathe Into The Shadows Marketing Strategy – as Amazon Prime Video attempts to keep the chatter around its latest original series alive. Read more here.

Let the Monsoon Campaigns rain over you

Tis’ that time of the year again, when the scenery is picturesque and thoughts are nostalgic. To build on those sentiments, let the Monsoon Campaigns pour. Read more here.

Coca-Cola tugs at emotional chords with new campaign

The new Coca-Cola campaign by Anomaly New York aims to rekindle people’s love for a great meal, thawing existing emotions prevailing across the world, when families come together & cherish moments amidst the ongoing pandemic. Read more here.