Spotify India campaign pushes K-Pop playlists to meet increasing demand

Spotify K-Pop

To drive more Indian users to listen to K-Pop, Spotify runs a social media campaign, promoting artists with themed-playlists under K-Pop Class.

Earlier this year in February, Spotify completed its first year in the Indian Market. Of any many data points revealed on the occasion, one that stood out was how K-Pop was among the top three music genres streamed on Spotify across India. The other two were pop and filmi (music from popular Indian movies). Back then, based on the data from the past 90 days, India was in the top 22% of K-Pop listening in all of Spotify’s markets globally.

Six months before this report, early September 2019, Spotify’s data reflected that BTS was among the top 5 artists people had heard on the platform in the first six months of its existence in India. The other four included Arijit Singh, Tanishk Bagchi, Neha Kakkar and Badshah.

When Spotify launched in India last year, #NamasteBTS was a hashtag that trended as a gesture to acknowledge and show affective for the band.

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Before the World Music Day campaign and the Britannia biscuit-logo moment last month, Spotify India ran a short campaign, introducing and promoting different K-Pop artists that Indian users can listen to. These posts were a part of a short social media campaign introducing Indian users to their new K-Pop class.

They released several playlists such as The Bold One, The Leader, The New Kid, The Free Spirit, The Bestie and The Deep One. The artists featured in these included Agust D, Gray, Twice, Iz*One, Bang Ye Dam, Secret Number, Chung Ha, Solar, Day6, Hyukoh, Crush and DeVita.

The campaign reflects that Spotify India is trying to promote its diverse K-Pop offerings, introducing Indian users to more artists creating music in the genre. K-Pop and BTS have been a selling point for Spotify in India since the beginning, it’s only fair they would leverage the offerings in the genre to further penetrate and capture the Indian market.