Taj Mahal Tea Campaigns that make you go Wah Taj!

Taj Mahal Tea Campaigns

Don’t hold back from getting lost in the aroma of the Taj Mahal Tea Campaigns as we unfurl the mystery and method behind the atmosphere this brew creates.

The ingredients of the Taj Mahal Tea Campaigns are Maestro Artists, famed endorsers, mesmerizing locations, and eloquent narratives, brewed and infused with aesthetic visuals, soulful music, and potent brand integrations.

Taj Mahal Tea has long been associated with classical music starting from the TVC days with Ustad Zakir Hussain exhaling with contentment after a sip, and saying “Wah Taj!”. Their initial narrative was also built in relation to the pedantry and diligence of Ustad which is synonymous with the process of selecting and producing the tea leaves.

Since those days, Taj Mahal Tea and Classical music formed a deeper relationship. The brad has since featured various artists such as Rahul Sharma, Nirali Kartik, Niladri Kumar, and more, who often composed and played music for these campaigns. Taufiq Qureshi, Ace Percussionist & Composer also recently composed music for a Taj Campaign.

Rahul Sharma, Santoor Maestro, who is also frequently featured in Taj Campaigns mentioned that good music is very similar to a good cup of tea, both make you feel happy, rejuvenated, and elevated, this precisely describes the soulful music that accompanies the campaigns.

Elegant visuals have also traditionally been a part of these campaigns, whether its Nirali Kartik sitting in her verandah on a rainy day, Rahul Sharma playing Santoor in a boathouse floating on Dal Lake, or Niladri Kumar plucking the strings of Sitar between the tea fields in the valleys of Darjeeling.

With endorsers such as Saif Ali Khan and Madhuri Dixit, Taj Mahal Tea was also able to build effectual narratives that revolve around Saif’s choice of career parallel with the available variants of the tea leaves, and Madhuri’s personal & professional sides that make her life perfect.

With series such as Taj Mahal Tea House Sessions & Sur Ke Saath, the brand also ventured into the space of branded content with virtual music concerts.

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Hours Of Practice Make An Expert ft. Ustad Zakir Hussain & Aditya Kalyanpur

Rigour Of Selecting Tea ft. Ustad Zakir Hussain

How To Brew Great Tea ft. Saif Ali Khan

Khud Se Milo ft. Nirali Kartik

Wah Taj! ft. Rahul Sharma

A Flavour Of Darjeeling ft. Niladri Kumar

Taj Mahal Aur Madhuri Ki Jugalbandi ft. Madhuri Dixit

Freedom In Every Cup ft. Saif Ali Khan

Aroma, Colour, & Flavour ft. Saif Ali Khan

The Uplifting Taste Of Masala In A Cup

Making Of The Music For Taj’s New Film ft. Taufiq Qureshi & Rahul Sharma

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