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Sima Aunty brand posts

As Indian Matchmaking’s central character Sima Aunty continues to trend on social media, we traverse through various Sima Aunty brand posts where advertisers couldn’t hold themselves from furnishing the trend with a creative spin.

Mumbai’s matchmaker Sima Taparia guides clients in the U.S. and India in the arranged marriage process, offering an inside look at the custom in a modern era. This sets the context for the recently premiered show on Netflix titled - Indian Matchmaking, which has been quite a rage on social media since its debut. The show has been termed as something that you can hate but not ignore. Advertisers too found it inevitable and joined the bandwagon to create some funny and relatable Sima Aunty brand posts.

With a  few calling it out for sheer cringe and toxic content to others tagging it as ‘problematic’, various aspects of Indian Matchmaking have been tweeted, posted, and shared by highly influential netizens and commoners on social media since last few days.

Dialogues by Sima Taparia seem to have a fan base and have fallen prey to the meme–verse. The effect was so much that the lady has finally opened her Instagram account announcing her debut on the platform through an Insta Live session with a fan.   

Brands like ixigo, OkCupid, Nicotex, Dunzo, and many others have jumped onto the trend and have integrated their brand identity with Sima Aunty’s. Whether it’s her screen presence or her dialogues or just her chemistry with the camera, the wavelength has been matched and the matchmaker is no less than India's next reality star, or that's what fans are calling her on social media.

We cruise through various brand posts involving the internet sensation and take a glimpse at what are brands talking about Sima Aunty.




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