Twitter rolls out chat windows for Desktop

Twitter chat

Users will now be able to easily switch between Home Feed and Direct Messages with the chat windows introduced on Twitter.

Twitter Users previously had to go back and forth between the Feed and Direct Messages, now they simply have to tap the ‘Messages’ bar on the bottom left corner to start a chat, similar, to the placement of messenger tab on Facebook & LinkedIn.

A tweet sent via DM will also show up in the feed while they chat, and one can simply close the window and get back to scrolling.

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Updates On The Hack Incident

Further, Twitter has provided more updates from the ongoing investigation of the hacking of several Twitter accounts of users such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Kanye West, Joe Biden, and Jeff Bezos.

Approximately 130 accounts were targeted by hackers, they were able to gain control and send tweets from a few of these accounts. The platform is scrutinizing the incident and trying to find if any non-public information related to these accounts ahs been compromised.

Downloading Twitter Data for all accounts is currently disabled. Head to this thread for more and further updates.