YouTube introduces updates for Creators

YouTube Creators

YouTube has announced new additions to Studio Dashboard for Creators to get better analytics on the discovery of their content & audience.

The updates to YouTube Studio for creators include search terms & URL data, and new analytics within the audience tab that will be launched within a couple of weeks.

Data related to Search terms and URLs

YouTube has sped up the process of providing data related to search terms and URLs linked to your videos that lead to your content, they will now soon be available almost immediately at the video level and within a day at the channel level.

It will show analytics for both YouTube & external sources such as Facebook & other places. It will show a percentage of the viewers coming in from a particular source.

This option would be available within ‘Analytics’ on the sidebar of the YouTube Studio Dashboard.

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Audience Tab

In the Audience Tab within Studio Analytics, you’re going to be able to see videos that your audience has watched on YouTube that aren’t your own.

This option would rollout in the next couple of weeks, but might not show if your channel doesn’t have enough data, or if you are making content for kids then you will not have access to it.

This feature might aid you better understand your audience’s consumption habits and the overall content sphere that they are in. This might help to retain the audience by shaping your content according to their consumption patterns.

As it is possible that they’re also watching your competitor’s content, you might learn a thing or two about the kind of thumbnails that make them click or titles that make them stop scrolling or new formats you might want to try.