Brand Saga Recap ft. Bisleri, Everest, and more

Brand Saga

With most of us longing for the simpler times, we recapitulate the journey of advertising tales with Brand Saga and present a recap of brands that turned to icons through creative marketing.

Capturing the essence of brands’ adventures and their timeless romance with consumers, Brand Saga has become a time capsule for anyone wishing to travel across timelines that these brands have breathed through.

With advertising in all forms being one of the most impactful communications, we also tend to revisit fond memories attached to those ads by conversing with industry experts & aficionados.

For instance, the ‘Action Ka School Time’ ad takes me back to the time I bought rainy shoes for school. The beginning of the rainy season also meant reopening of schools, and I looked at rains with amusement in my eyes, instead of annoyance, and looked forward to drenching without the worries, instead of drenching with worries.

So, going back to the simpler times and leaving the bitter present behind, we recapture some of the most iconic brands and the unforgettable journeys that have taken over the years.

Kellogg’s India – Making Breakfast Irresistible

The multi-national cereal brand can be single-handedly accounted for making a space for cereals in India, and versing the Indian consumers with corn flakes along with poha, idli, and medu vada.

In a 3 part series of Kellogg’s India Brand Saga, we find out how the brand familiarized their audience with health-conscious breakfast options, introducing them to cold milk and cereals. It also charted the brand’s business journey which saw many ups & downs.

Navratna Oil, keeping Indians Thanda Thanda, Cool Cool

The oil brand that taught Indians how to remain thanda thanda cool cool during the summer heat has maintained a legacy with humorous copies or foot-tapping jingles.

With endorsers such as Govinda, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Shilpa Shetty, and Salman Khan, the brand has remained entertaining across mediums.

Paragon – The journey to becoming a household name

From their humble beginnings in a garage located at Kottayam till having a presence across the nation, Paragon campaigns have helped the brand become a household name.

Starting with TVCs, and ingeniously using Hindi idioms such as “Itne Chakkar Lagaye Ki Chappal Ghis Gayi” into communicating “Tum Paragon Ki Office Chappal Nahi Pehnte Kya?”, to collaborating with regional stars such as Mahesh Babu & Kiccha Sudeep, developing #IndiaKaStyle with Hrithik Roshan, till going digital with topical creatives, Paragon has maintained its durability.

Ching’s Secret- The ‘Desi Chinese’ recipe for winning Hindustani hearts

Ching’s Secret worked in a dig at other noodles through TVCs, built a community with online cooking shows that also further developed into content properties recently. The brand’s advertising became the more ‘impossible to ignore’ kind with the entry of Ranveer Ching and bizarre narratives.

With endorsers such as Sridevi ‘The Cool Mom’ & Neena Gupta, the brand then worked their way in and brought ‘Desi Chinese’ from the streetside stalls to the Indian kitchens.

Celebrating India’s tryst with Everest Spices

Chun Chunke Dekh Parakh Ke, Koot Koot Ke Nikhre Jo, Mirchi Hum Apnaaye Vo, Jaise Everest Ka Tikhalal, this jingle is embedded in everyone’s minds who have watched TV.

With their ‘Masaledar Beginnings’ in Print, traversing through jingled TVCs, roping in Amitabh Bachchan till collaborating with Gobble for a digital presence, Jab Izzat Ka Ho Sawaal, Khane Me Karna Ho Kamaal, everyone embraced Everest Spices.

Ambuja Cement, an epic tale of humor, strength & emotions

Back in the day, till now everyone had the answer to “Bhaiyaaaa, ye deewar toot ti kyu nahi?” (I see you do too). The mascot holding a building in his arms with so much ease as if he’s holding a baby is etched in minds for years to come.

With humorous TVCs, Print advertisements resembling elephants and rhinos, narrating rooftop stories, and marking their digital presence as a testimony to various efforts towards tackling a crisis, Ambuja Cement’s advertising journey remains sturdy and strong.

Dabur Chyawanprash, the age-old concoction that stood the test of time

Advertising a 2,500-year-old Ayurveda formula originated through the royal physicians to the Gods during the Vedic era has been a timeless expedition.

What began as targeting the kids and the old, and communicating the aid to improve vitality and remain youthful, turned into being consumed by everyone during the pandemic to boost immunity and the brand experiencing a 400% surge in demand. The brand has been accompanied by campaigns and creatives that helped it remain immune as it grows old.

Tang’s 10-year-old journey of adding magic to water

With print ads promoting the use of Tang by four astronauts, in 1964, on Gemini missions and forming itself as “The Life Support System Of An Apollo Astronaut” the brand became well known and has now made a space for itself alongside the colas of the world with simple and conventional advertising.

From Italy to India, Bisleri – a journey through time

Bisleri has become the name of water, with demographics across the nation saying “Ek Bisleri Dena” instead of “Pani Ki Bottle Dena”.

But how did the brand reach here? Presenting the brand you know, the journey you don’t, of ‘One Nation. One Water’.

Reliving Santoor’s 35 years of defining ageless beauty

Twacha Kuch Aur Nikhare Santoor Santoor, nobody can read this line, we always end up singing it. Founded in 1945, Santoor grounded itself as a homegrown brand that molds the Indian Beauty with sandalwood and turmeric.

Branded as the soap that gives a ‘Younger Looking Skin’ has now transformed to advocating safety with #SantoorCares. Catch a glimpse of this transformation.

British Airways – taking flights of heartwarming stories, the India Chapter

With a heritage of over 100 years in operation, the centenarian brought the world to India with glimpses of countries in their adverts.

And with heartwarming stories and emotions of real people captured in narratives fueled by love, British Airways created a strong footing in the country.