Case Study: How Hyundai leveraged Twitter for the launch of Tucson

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For reaching out to their potential customers Hyundai organized a virtual launch event for the launch of their car Tucson, on Twitter.

Campaign Objectives

• Create awareness and drive traffic for the launch of the new Hyundai Tucson

• Virtually launch the Tucson while maximizing the reach of the live event

• Sustain conversations and convert this awareness into a further interest in the product.


Hyundai Motors India Limited adopted a three-phase strategy to maximize the scale of its launch campaign for Tucson.

Pre-launch: In the first phase of the campaign, Hyundai used Twitter’s ‘Heart to Remind’ functionality to acquire an audience for the launch event. People who liked the Tweet and opted-in for a reminder were notified to join the live stream on the day of the launch.

The video properties created for the tease phase were promoted to amplify reach and arouse interest in the product.

Launch: On the day of the launch, Hyundai acquired the Promoted Trend Spotlight on Twitter’s Explore tab to grab eyeballs, and coupled this with the live session to drive traffic for the big launch.

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Post-launch: After a successful launch, the brand kept the conversation going by reinforcing #TheNextDimension into people’s timelines through a Promoted Video showcasing highlights from the launch event.

Hyundai used Promoted Video formats on Twitter and continued to drive traffic to their website through Video Website Cards that led people directly to the virtual interface where they could register for a test-drive of the Tucson.


• The Live Stream for the launch event received over 1 million views within the first 12 hours.

•The Spotlight Promoted Trends for the campaign delivered over 3 million views and 14 million impressions.

•During the campaign, the key terms, #TheNewTUCSON, #TheNewDimension, and ‘Hyundai India’, received 23K total mentions from 1.8K unique authors.

Spokesperson Speak

Tarun Garg, Director – Sales, Marketing and Service, Hyundai Motor India, Ltd., said, "Virtual launches are the new normal that will transcend boundaries, gain acceptance and be adopted quickly. However, viewer engagement and retention will be defined by the unique experiences that a brand curates through these virtual interactions. We envisioned ‘The Next Dimension’ as a portal that would seamlessly take viewers beyond the boundaries of the physical realm into a digital world offering them an unparalleled experience.”

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