Case Study: How KFC India leveraged Fried Chicken Day with an engagement campaign

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Aug 27, 2020 04:31 IST
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KFC India Fried Chicken Day Campaign

In a bid to create conversations, KFC India Fried Chicken Day Campaign took the contest route, while trying to work in the quirk factor. We take a look at the execution & results.

KFC India Fried Chicken Day Campaign case study explores how the brand leveraged Fried Chicken day to generate conversations & help the consumers to bring out their love for chicken in quirky & creative manner.

Category Introduction

The Indian QSR industry is a thriving industry with many key players and brands promoting similar product portfolios, targeting essentially the same set of consumers - millennials. With affordable prices, value offer meals, and quick service, several brands in the industry have established their strong foothold and expanded their presence across the country.

Brand Introduction 

When KFC entered India in 1995 with its restaurant in Bangalore, it was one of the first global QSR brands to enter India. The brand had to make its way through Indian audiences, who were new to the concept of fried chicken. But over the years, through efforts into innovative and indulgent offerings, people seemed to not only like KFC but also relish and crave for it.

The target audience for the brand, mainly the age group of 18-24, spends a considerable amount of time on social media. They expect brands to be stimulating and intriguing, especially in recent times where online content consumption has understandably increased. Keeping up with changing trends and consumer preferences, the brand attempts to drive consumer engagement and participation.


Fried Chicken Day has always been a day that the brand's consumers look forward to. This year, with the extended lockdown periods, KFC presented the consumers with an opportunity to come forth and profess their love for Fried Chicken in a quirky and interesting manner on this day through social media platforms.

The week-long revelry started on Fried Chicken Day (6th July), with a contest on social media inviting posts and stories of chicken love. The contest witnessed entries from across the country with love notes colored with emojis, stickers, GIFs, poems, memes, and more.

Quotes such as "Fried chicken is the answer, no matter what the question is", "Money can’t buy you happiness but fried chicken can", etc. went on to reinforce that indeed there is ‘no love like fried chicken love’.


The task was to reinforce the connect with the brand on Fried Chicken Day and remind consumers about their love for the same

Creative Idea 

The idea was to rekindle the love for fried chicken on 6th July during Fried Chicken Day aimed at allowing the consumers to express themselves in their way. The brand decided to continue the celebrations for a week.

With the concept of ‘No love like Fried Chicken love’ at its core, the campaign was rolled out on social media, giving consumers a canvas to paint with their chicken love.


With the extended lockdown periods and limited movement of people outside of their homes, the task was to make the campaign accessible in a convenient manner by leveraging social media for the engagement activity.

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The celebrations kickstarted for Fried Chicken Day with a contest on the brand's social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where it called upon chicken lovers to show their unconditional love for fried chicken.

The contest witnessed entries from across the country as fans professed their love through creative memes, songs, quotes, poems, stickers, etc. all with Fried Chicken at the heart of it.

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Sab mein tu dikhta hai, yaara main kya karu? #FriedChickenLove

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The fried chicken obsession did not stop there. The brand also leveraged the concept of long video calls during such times that people were often a part of. The brand attempted to add zing & crispiness to such conversations through KFC chicken leg emojis or a chicken leg piece dream on the video calls.



  • Over 1.5 million impressions
  • Reached more than 1.3 million fried chicken fans
  • Engagement of more than 225K
  • More than 700 love confessions (entries) across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


The brand was successful to establish the connect between the topical and its core offering of fried chicken & associated love.

The response to the campaign was noteworthy as the consumers organically started creating content in addition to entries for the contest. 

CMO Quotes

"Nobody makes chicken as we do. What better way to celebrate something so core to us, and our consumers, than on Fried Chicken Day? This is one occasion when KFC fans across come together to celebrate their love for fried chicken. The extended lockdown periods had our consumers turn to social and digital media in search of interesting & engaging content. And we gave them just that, in true KFC-style," said, Moksh Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC India

"We presented our fans an opportunity to unabashedly display their love for fried chicken. The responses were both immensely creative and fun - with love confessions in form of memes, songs, poems, stickers and more, to quirky chicken-themed wallpapers to make your video calls more interesting - it was a fun week indeed,” she added.

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