Facebook & Instagram Shops get major updates

Paawan Sunam
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Facebook Shops

Facebook & Instagram Shops have been revamped with added features, more controls, to boost buying & selling on all Facebook-owned platforms.

Facebook Shops

Facebook Shops, initially introduced in May 2020, enabling users to discover businesses & products and shop from within the Facebook app, is being revamped with new features.

  • Controls to manage the digital storefront's appearance, and creating new collections
  • Customization features, new design layouts for featuring single products or groups of products in Shops
  • Real-time preview of collections as they are designed
  • The ability to automatically create Shops for new sellers
  • New insights to measure results & track performance in Commerce Manager
Facebook Shops

Live Shopping

Facebook Live Shopping includes options to feature products from Shop into the Live Experience and sell directly from the video. The Live video will show a bar displaying the name and price of the product with an option to 'Add to Bag'.

Instagram Live Shopping is available to all businesses and creators using checkout in the US.

Facebook Shops

Live has taken off in recent months and has replaced product launches outdoor events, and physical proceedings, as the ban on public gatherings around the world persists.

Live Shopping can aid performance on virtual grounds, as several brands are already leveraging it via DIY activities, tutorials, educational sessions, and more.

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#Testing: Messaging

Users can message businesses through Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram Direct, by tapping the new messaging button on Shops.

Users can view products from within the chat, ask questions about the product, share it with friends and family to get recommendations, and check availability & deliverability.

Facebook Shops

Businesses can provide personalized assistance, address queries, and streamline the consumer journey from product discovery till checkout.

The feature is being tested on Messenger and Instagram Direct, and will be tested on WhatsApp soon.

Facebook Shops

Checkout On Instagram

Checkout On Instagram is being expanded to all creators and businesses in the US. Making checkout available to businesses outside the US is a part of the long term plan.

Businesses can check the eligibility criteria here. eligible sellers will be able to start using Checkout, enabling consumers to make a purchase without leaving the app. Selling fees for businesses will be waived off till the end of the year.

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