Facebook will be rolling out redesigned Ad Preferences

Ad Preferences

A streamlined version of Ad Preferences will be rolled out in the coming months by Facebook, the new version doesn’t include any major additions but is more user-friendly with simplified controls.

Rob Leathern, Director Of Product Management, Facebook shared a sneak-peek of what the revamped Ad Preferences would look like.

The section is now divided into three main categories: Advertisers, Ad Topics, and Data, along with added descriptions, and relabeled tools.

Leathern mentioned that the transparency and controls available in the former version of Ad Preferences, which can be accessed through the Privacy Settings option in the Facebook app, would still be available.


Users can manage ads based on their activity, categories used to reach them on Facebook, and more through this tab. Interests can be accessed by clicking on ‘Categories used to reach you’ -> ‘Interest categories’. Users can remove an interest to improve the relevancy of ads shown.

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Ad Topics

‘Hide Ad Topics’ has been renamed to ‘Ad Topics’, this control lets users manage the kind of ads they see. For instance, a user can choose to see fewer ads about ads related to Alcohol, Politics, etc.


This tab will show the advertisers a user has seen recently, hidden ads, and more information which was previously in the ‘Advertisers and Businesses’ section.

All ads are shown based on the users’ activity, such as interaction and engagement with content, Pages liked, and more. Data from ‘Off-Facebook activity’, which is activites on other websites apart from Facebook can also be used to show ads.

Facebook may still show you ads from categories that you have chosen not to, albeit setting your ad preferences.

Screenshot Credits: @robleathern