Facebook launches Paid Online Events

Paawan Sunam
Aug 18, 2020 04:57 IST
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Facebook Events

Facebook is equipping eligible Pages with Paid Online Events, in an attempt to aid business small businesses, educators, creators, and media publishers who have moved their on-ground activities online.

Paid Online Events

Facebook is launching 'Paid Online Events' enabling Facebook Page owners to host and online events and collect payments in one place.

Paid Online Events for Facebook Pages who meet the partner monetization policies, is presently available in 20 countries including India. You can learn more about the eligibility criteria here. If you have not used any monetized product on the platform yet, your Page will go through a review first, if the Page is not available you will be notified and given a set of instructions on how you can reapply.

For transactions on Android and Web in countries where Facebook Pay is available, Facebook will not collect any fees for at least the next year from small businesses and creators, small businesses will keep 100% of the revenue generated from paid online events.

SMBs will be paid 70% of the revenue for events generated from the App Store, after the reduction of 30% App Store tax, as Facebook Pay is not available on iOS.

Facebook Events

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Several educators, media publishers, creators, and brands have been resorting to online platforms, for conducting webinars, virtual concerts, training sessions, events, and more with the prohibition on large gatherings in place.

Previously, paid events would be held on video conferencing platforms that can generate a unique link for participants, and payments were collected using third-party services.

Facebook has streamlined all of this into one hub, and as most entities promote their paid events on Facebook, participants have improved accessibility with the events held on the same platform they find it on.

Recently, Facebook also improved Chat Plugin that enables businesses to converse with their consumers on the website, by allowing consumers to chat with the business without logging into Facebook. With the upgrade, non-Facebook consumers can also get their queries addressed.

Follow Settings

Another enhancement to Pages is more options to control what alerts a user sees from a Page. Users can mark a Page as 'Favourites' when they follow a Page, so they don't miss an update on the Feed.

Users can also manage notifications from a Page enabling customized settings for posts, videos, etc.

Limited information is available on the feature's scale of the roll-out, it may be in the testing phase or has been rolled out to select users.

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