LinkedIn Updates: Integration of Elevate & Pages, Discovery Feed, and more

LinkedIn updates

LinkedIn has announced a unification of Elevate and Pages and is working on more updates.

A ‘Discover’ feed, and targeted audience for Stories, are few of the updates LinkedIn is advancing on, and are in the earlier phase.

Integration of Elevate & Pages

LinkedIn is integrating Elevate & Pages, in an attempt to aid organizations to build stronger communities. The integrated features will be free of cost for Elevate customers.

Core Elevate functionality will be available in Pages by December 2020, Elevate as a standalone app will no longer be available at this point.

The integration would help Page admins broaden their reach as employees are 14X more likely to share their content, and contribute to 30% of the engagement.

Employees are also the most reliable brand advocates for any LinkedIn Page, helping the Page can grow within and through the employee’s network.


LinkedIn is working on a Discover Feed, currently, the UI seems like a mixture of Stories and TikTok Feed. Instead of a scroll through Feed, the posts show in full-screen, so a user sees one post at a time.

The posts may not be ephemeral but the feed has a Stories-like vertical progress bar. Presently, on the Home Feed, a user has to tap ‘See More’ to view the full post if it’s a lengthy one.

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The new UI will be able to hold attention for individual posts but may disrupt the experience for users who like and are familiar with progressive scrolling.

Targeted Audience for LinkedIn Stories

The platform is working on choosing a target audience for Stories, by selecting a native language, and the story will be shared only with members who speak that language.

The feature would be useful for thought leaders or companies on LinkedIn who have a global presence, but most of the users are connected with members from the same region, who commonly speak the same language.

The feature would become more universal in nature if more targeting options are added.

Screenshot Credits: @alex193a