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Should you spend your resources on Quora Advertising for visibility and engagement? We explore the platform to tell you everything you need to know. 

First off, what is Quora? It's a platform that sits somewhere on the spectrum between Search and Social. It's where people come when they are looking for answers and willing to listen and learn. In a session organised by Social Samosa, Quora Representatives Neha Chimbulkar and Harpreet Singh Multani explained Quora Advertising in detail.

So why do people use Quora? They do so usually when they are evaluating products, conducting research, looking to learn about the world and share knowledge. The platform helps them be productive, share stories, be surprised and find a community. 

How does it help a brand? It can help a brand reach a high-intent audience. The platform is particularly useful for those involved in the field of Finance, Banking, Insurance, Software & Applications and Business. Other key categories of conversations on the platform include Cricket, Entertainment, Fashion & Design, Bollywood, Shopping, Technology, Science, History, Higher Education, Politics, Learning, Dating & Relationships, Health, Everyday Life, Cultural Traditions, Travel and Auto.

How to get started with Quora Advertising? You should look at Text Ads, Image Ads and Promoted Answers. To get started, you should try to understand The Quora Flywheel. It begins when a brand joins a conversation by sharing knowledge. By doing so, they get to engage with high-intent audiences and get established as a thought leader to enhance trust and reputation. The flywheel can be accelerated with the help of Promoted Answers. 

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What are the different target advertising options on Quora? You can reach your audience using Contextual Targeting, Audience Targeting, Behavioural Targeting and Broad Targeting. You can also use Lead Gen Forms to instantly acquire high-intent prospects. It's a feature to get native signup flow within the platform. Quora’s Neha Chimbulkar feels they are one of the best options to create a database of contextually relevant leads for your business.

How do I monitor the impact? You can use Quora Pixel, set up an Advanced Match, Adjust Conversion Windows, Analyse view-through conversions and use Quora Ads Manager to monitor ad performance, understand competitiveness with Auction Insights, create and track conversions and build and automate reports. “Quora Pixel can track conversions on the platform as well as re-target the users after collecting the audiences,” explains Quora’s Harpreet Singh Multani.

Do you like how this article was structured as a Q&A? Well, that’s pretty much all you need to know about Quora and Quora Advertising!

You can view the entire session here: 

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