Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft. Friendship Day, Rakshabandhan campaigns & more

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Here’s to another week of some impressive work from brands and agencies all over the world. Check out some of the social media campaigns that were rolled out this week.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features Raksha Bandhan & Friendship Day campaigns, Audi apologizing for an advert, and more.

Friendship Day 2020 Campaigns: A band of bonds

Friendship Day 2020 Campaigns & Creatives features symbols of friendship tied with brand communications and depiction of bonds with the chosen family. Read more here.

Courier brands leverage Rakshabandhan to inspire consumer confidence

We take a look at how courier brands such as Blue Dart, DHL India, and DTDC India are making the most of Rakshabandhan to converse with people online. Read more here.

Rakshabandhan 2020: A virtual celebration by brands

Brand creatives and campaigns for Rakshabandhan 2020 paved the way for businesses to engage with users and be a part of the festivities keeping the norm of social distancing at fore. Read more here.

Facebook launches campaign highlighting its relevance in lockdown

‘More together’ campaign by Facebook aims to showcase how people can do more together by leveraging the power of connections on the platform & support one another, in the process. Read more here.

Inspiration from the most valuable campaigns by NBA

The court is filled with the best of campaigns from NBA that scored the highest points and are pumped with emotions, inspiration, and the boundless love for the game. Read more here.

As monsoon comes knocking, Goodknight releases digital film for Fabric Roll-On

The new Goodknight digital film takes viewers through the various corners of a house that kids usually play in, focussing on the relevance of Fabric Roll-On in indoor settings. Read more here.

COVID-19: An archive of lockdown campaigns from UK

The archive features a few of the foremost campaigns from the UK market, the topics and concepts tapped by the brands & agencies during the period of lockdown. Read more here.

Stay Safe at Home by Usha: PSA campaign for Rakshabandhan 2020?

With PSAs taking over marketing efforts, we ask industry experts how the Rakshabandhan campaign by Usha fared in the 2020 festive season. Read more here.

Audi apologizes for insensitive imagery in new ad

In response to backlash for using the picture of a child in an ad, Audi explained original intent and apologized for insensitive imagery. Read more here.

Pepperfry launches campaign to celebrate Indian craftsmanship

Pepperfry has launched its new campaign, Swadeshi Is Great, to promote and celebrate Indian artisans and their creations based on the core thought of Vocal for Local. Read more here.

Apple promises to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030 in a new ad film

With visuals of a sleeping baby and a promise-filled voiceover, the new Apple ad film illustrates the brand’s commitment for a better tomorrow. Read more here.

Brand Saga Recap ft. Bisleri, Everest, and more

With most of us longing for the simpler times, we recapitulate the journey of advertising tales with Brand Saga and present a recap of brands that turned to icons through creative marketing. Read more here.

OPPO launches new ad campaign with FC Barcelona

With a digital film, social media buzz, and Q&A sessions, OPPO is leveraging the FC Barcelona connect to strengthen footprint in Europe. Read more here.

Month grid creatives help brands depict moooooods

Entertainment and OTT brands leverage popular characters to put across moods as month grid creatives, mostly depicting 2020. Read more here.

Jacinda Ardern & Political Communication via Instagram

A closer look at the Instagram presence of Jacinda Ardern reveals a strategy that combines the best of personal and professional fronts. Read more here.

Log Off and Lime In to the Corona Beer Campaigns

Traversing through the time when Corona was only a chilled beer, and campaigns that remind us of the happy hours. Read more here.

Probably the best campaigns by Carlsberg

Pouring the Carlsberg Campaigns brewed with innovations, arts & culture, and their efforts to make the world better(probably the best). Read more here.