UN Women Campaigns aim to even out gender inequality

UN Women campaigns

The parasite called gender inequality is feeding off of women and is deeply entrenched around the globe. As a part of their pursuit, UN Women promotes women’s welfare with creative campaigns.

Gender Equality has been spoken about for ages now. It is shameful for us that in 2020 a person faces discrimination because of their gender. “It is better than it was before” is not good enough.

The idea of one gender being above another is deep-rooted in the cultural history, stereotypical gender roles, and several social constructs but have grown with modern culture too.

From a girl child being denied education in a remote village… till a working-class woman in a metropolitan city facing pay gap, ingrained in different places and different cultures, gender inequality exists everywhere, just like the clouds above our head.

Women’s representation lacks in all walks of life, whether its a cabinet meeting, award functions, panel discussion, or any other event. Most works of fiction fail the Bechdel test. We are nowhere close or probably haven’t even started raising awareness about trans women’s basic human rights.

UN Women, a United Nations entity & humanitarian organization dedicated to foster gender equality and empower women has released some striking campaigns in the pursuit.

Along with their on-ground work being extended on digital platforms, the organization has also targeted the eradication of gender-oriented issues through creative communication.

Whether it’s ‘We Are All Women’ (by the agency Amén and production company Bombay Films), a depiction with progression defying visuals, or ‘One Story Too Many’ that uses plain text on a solid background, the campaigns do not fail to create an impact regardless of its scale of production.

The most famed campaign remains ‘The Autocomplete Truth’by Ogilvy (UAE), creative directed by Ramzi Moutran, that uses the Google UI to reflect the present state of how women are perceived.

More campaigns aim to build a balanced world where women are granted their basic human rights and humanity thrives together.

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