Twitter introduces a new developer experience

Twitter developer

Twitter has launched a new revamped developer experience, improved by considering feedbacks and rebuilding the developer portal for everything related to Twitter API.

Along with considering various feedbacks, Twitter also worked alongside several developers, to deep-dive into the most common problems and resources asked for, that work with every developer working on the platform.

The New Developer Experience


The initial App creation process has been reduced from ten fields to one, the process of creating the first App, and getting API keys have been simplified.

Before opening the terminal, developers can also view the structure of different requests and responses, letting developers easily alter the coding to get the desired result.

Twitter developer

Documentation Links

Instead of looking up the relevant documents such as Authentication Overview, App Permissions, etc. for information, all the helpful docs and relevant guidance has been linked throughout the setup and App management journey.

Twitter developer

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Docs Home

Twitter has introduced an updated navigation system and landing pages with a consolidated tab of tools and libraries to aid developers in finding relevant information they look for, in a streamlined manner.

Twitter developer

Support Center

A new support center has been launched with resources curated by the developer relations team that can provide answers and advice to developers facing any issue.

Twitter developer

You can access the new developer portal here, including the existing apps, premium APIs, and Twitter Developer Labs.