Webinar: Unlock the Power of Target Marketing

Target Marketing Webinar

Spend an hour this August decoding the various techniques of Target Marketing and how brands and media professionals can make the most of it to use Quora for Business.

If one were to look closely at marketing, it’s all about answering questions and offering solutions to specific issues. The more detailed, the better. Quora is thus a platform of intrigue for marketers dealing with Target Marketing. It can help brands get involved in conversations where people are looking for them, literally.

It could be an idea or a product or ways on how to make the most of a product, Quora for Business is a tool that brands must invest time to know about.

In an exclusive session with Social Samosa, Quora representatives, Neha Chimbulkar and Harpreet Multani will take viewers through the ways brands can target audiences at the right time, set the right context, attract and convert high-quality leads and stay focussed at building better customer engagement. It is an ideal session to attend for brand representatives, digital agency heads and media planners.

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Date: August 26

Time: 4 pm

What you will learn:

  • How to execute Target Marketing on Quora
  • Tips to find and reach your key audiences
  • Quora Advertising to build your brand online

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