WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow: Ep 7 ft Prasad Gurav

Sneha Yadav
Aug 31, 2020 07:00 IST
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Prasad Gurav

For Prasad Gurav, Senior Developer, Data Sciences, working from home is a unique experience and something he has no complaints about.

As per Prasad Gurav, WFH is a great opportunity if you want to focus on things that we didn’t get time for before. The latest episode of WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow traverses through his day.

"Previously I hardly used to hit the gym twice a week but now every morning it's on my schedule. So my day starts with the first exercising and later the work starts at 9.30 AM," he shares.

Gurav doesn't find much difference while working at home or in the office. He says, "If I want to connect with any of my colleagues I can just video call or work simultaneously we can do a screen share too. I also think that WFH does benefit you in getting your task completed early."

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He also asserts that the most important thing to have here is a good internet connection.

He has also reserved an hour or two for learning courses like Big Data and Photoshop. "I always wanted to learn guitar so finally, I am able to do it now by taking some time off in the week. I am not into reading books but I will try this time. doing it now," he quips.

Watch the video to know how amidst virtual team lunches and online gaming tournaments while working from home, Gurav finds time to spend time with his family, watch movies, do bartan, and some grocery shopping.

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