WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow: Episode 2 ft. Naveen Singh

Sneha Yadav
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Naveen Singh

Naveen Singh working as a Media Supervisor at Havas Media Gurgaon has no complaints and is enjoying his quality time with the family while working from home.

“This period has ensured that while I am getting to spend time with my family, I am also been taking my cooking skills in the kitchen a notch up higher,” shares Naveen Singh. Though the pandemic has brought all of us to live under our roofs for months now and practice social distancing, it has also given us the much-needed space and time to reignite certain hobbies and relive few memories. Episode 2 of WFH Diaries –Leaders of Tomorrow lets us take a quick glance at Singh’s WFH days.

For him, work from home has been quite an experience. Apart

from keeping a track of his work calls and catching up with the to-do-list,

Singh has been busy counting days under lockdown too.

He informs, “Of late, the team has been keeping busy with an upcoming launch campaign.” A car launch touted to be India’s biggest has been keeping Naveen and his team busy for quite a few weeks now.

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The WFH has also ensured that he is getting to spend quality time with his family like many of us. “I am thoroughly enjoying it. This has been my longest day at home during this period and I am having no complaints about it,” he says.

Watch the video to know how the work from the home phase has also brought alive the inner child in him.

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