WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow: Ep 5 ft Nilesh Iyer

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Nilesh Iyer

Ethinos Digital Marketing's Nilesh Iyer talks about how WFH has impacted his life, way of thinking and operating, managing clients and teams simultaneously.

As a Media Director at Ethinos Digital Marketing, Nilesh Iyer shares that his role is twofold, it's not just managing the client’s expectations but also making sure his team grows and learns simultaneously getting the best output for everyone involved.

"I am pretty sure that’s how everyone’s day starts now, getting household chores done at the beginning itself so that you can focus more on your work later," he exclaims.

Iyer kickstarts his work every day at around 9.30 AM. "That’s what I used to do when I was in office as well. So, I try to maintain the same schedule here so that there is some sort of resemblance and familiarity with how things are done," he adds.

The first half usually consists of client calls, tracking campaign performance, brainstorming over new briefs and ideas, et al. Then he gets onto chatting with his team regarding clients’ objectives, increasing business.

He shares, "So my first half generally goes talking to everyone. Post lunch I get to do my work which is sort of planning, strategizing, and track reports. One thing that has changed a lot is that I am getting a lot of phone calls now. It gets difficult to answer everyone at the same time. But that’s the challenge everyone is facing."

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One thing he definitely misses is face to face interactions and having his teammates around while brainstorming. "It is easier that way. But the positive to look at it is that u  try and force yourself on thinking," he quips.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of his daily routine amidst handling constant work calls and managing the business as usual while cooking and doing jhaadu pocha at home.

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