WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow: Episode 4 ft Prardhana Chillarige

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Prardhana Chillarige

Gozoop's Prardhana Chillarige Gozoop talks about why it's significant to take some time off for yourself while working from home. 

Working from home has been a great joy for Prardhana Chillarige, Sr. Manager - Brand Strategy, Gozoop so far. What was seemingly impossible 4-5 months ago has become a lifestyle that she has gotten accustomed to quite well. Episode 4 of WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow lets us take a sneak peek into her typical day.

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"My usual day starts with a hot cup of chai. There have also been a lot of talks about waking up just two minutes before a client call or a meeting with your team members and while most of us at some point has become guilty of doing this during the lockdown, I personally believe is that the first couple of moments after you wake up should be reserve for yourself and the same goes when you go to bed," shares Chillarige.

It doesn’t really matter how you spend these moments - whether you are exercising, cooking, or sitting at one corner and spacing out, according to her it's of utmost significance for your mental well being that we just take those few minutes and it is also something she has tried to do.

When it comes to her workday, it starts with a nice team huddle. What's been great for her is the fact that her role involves not interacting with the client directly, so she is able to give that time to her team. "Even though we are away from each other we end up spending a lot of time on the phone and have come closer in a lot of ways," she quips.

"If I look up over form my desk, the scenery has changed but the work itself has not.," highlights Chillarige.

Watch the video to dwell deeper into her work from home routine and what she is up to in between all those countless calls, mastering Google slides, and virtual pitches.


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