YouTube introduces helpful updates for creators

Paawan Sunam
Aug 28, 2020 04:25 IST
YouTube creators

YouTube creators have an improved Blur Editor, a new tool to easily manage copyright claims, along with more updates.

The new updates for YouTube creators will help manage the changes in the video with minimal harm to the production.

Blur Editor In Studio

YouTube has updated the Blur Editor and made it easier to blur faces, people, license plates, logos, etc without losing views.

With the improved blurring features, creators can control face blur and custom blur and can modify the duration, position, and size of the blur.

With options to choose between rectangle or oval shapes in a custom blur, they can tailor the blur to your use case. Creators also have the option to track object or fix blur position.

Although the feature has several use cases, the option can aid creators who primarily produce content outdoors, and may receive a notice by people who happen to be videobombing and do not wish to be seen in the video. It can also be used to blur out logos of objects to avoid unwanted promotions.

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AdSense Association

Starting this week, previously available in the Classic Studio, the ability to change AdSense association will be available in the new Studio. Follow these steps to change the association: Monetization tab -> YouTube Partner Program Options -> AdSense account -> Change.

Creators may be asked to verify while logging in with two-step verification. They don't have to change the AdSense account unless you went through a big change like moved countries.

Changes to AdSense account such as account access, billing information, forms of payment, can be made without creating a new AdSense account

Adjustable Timestamps For Video Copyright Edits

Managing copyright audio claims is now easier with the newly added ability to adjust the start and endpoints of the edit.

Go to Copyright Summary & Status -> Claim Details -> Select to trim out or mute the claim, adjust the change to best fit the video.

Few may also see the option to mute all sound or mute song only with the audio claim type. 'Mute song only' will remove the claimed song while keeping the rest of the sound, although the option might not work if the song is hard to remove. All creators will see this in the Studio in the coming weeks.

Trimming out the part of the video which has been claimed or only muting the claimed song is advisable. Muting all sound disrupts the viewer experience and may also be considered as faulty production by a viewer leading them to stop watching the video, or never watch one from the channel again.

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