YouTube Updates for Creators: Stories Analytics & more

Paawan Sunam
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YouTube has announced an updated Video Analytics Overview, the introduction of Stories Analytics, and more updates for creators, in their recent Creator Insider video.

YouTube has improved the Analytics Video Overview Layout to aid creators with a view of user-friendly real-time updates and apprised us with more updates.

Analytics Video Overview Layout

Creators will soon see a new overview of the video analytics layout, available in the same 'Analytics' tab that can be accessed through the Home Page in YouTube Creator Studio.

It's pretty much the same, but a new addition is a sidebar in the Channel Overview that shows real-time data, and can also be expanded to full screen by clicking 'See More'.

The banner's that analyze a video's performance is also integrated into the page and will be available for 30 days after being published, as opposed to previously disappearing in just 3 days.

The analysis has also been improved to detect reasons why a video overperforms or underperforms, such as external traffic, and more.

This analysis can be useful for creators to switch their styles to experiment and continue with practices that work and discard the ones that don't.

YouTube has also significantly improved analytics recently with RPM for creators to track their revenue rate and Analytics for Artists.

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Stories Analytics

To give a comprehension of Stories' performance, YouTube is launching Stories Analytics on Home in the Mobile app, which will show aggregate views and subscribers gained from Stories posted in the last 14 days

YouTube Official Blog Rebrand

The YouTube blog has been rebranded after staying the same for about fifteen years. And while previously updates were well-documented the basic differentiation between blogs was by dates through a timeline.

Now, along with having more tabs with additional visuals, and individual carousels for videos or Tweets, the blog has also been divided into four main categories:

News & Events

Launch of new features, important updates, latest happenings on the platform, and letters from Susan Wojcicki, CEO, YouTube.

Creator & Artist Stories

This category of the blog will feature profiles on prominent creators and artists, and what creators are doing on YouTube these days.

Culture & Trends

Insights from the new monthly series of interviews with a Culture & Trends manager, and updates from current trends from all around.

Inside YouTube

This part of the blog will feature people working with YouTube and feature series such as Work Diaries, where viewers will get to follow a standard five-day workweek of YouTube’s human rights lawyer, Malika Saada Sar; and Director of Black Music & Culture, Tuma Basa (coming soon). And every month, Matt Koval, with his column, Koval’s Corner, will dive on creator issues.

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