15 Must Read Brand Sagas: Blast from the Past

Sneha Yadav
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This week, we enlist for you a catalogue of fifteen brand journeys that are ‘not-to-be-missed’ and are definitely not a ‘one-time-read’ but worth of diving into many more times.

Rising Indio-China border disputes, fall in GDP, pandemic, and an unsolved alleged murder mystery- India is tackling a lot and we as individuals and the citizens of this country are a part of this by choice. Amidst all the chaos, all we deserve is a short break- a quick vacation from the seriousness and crisis that has hampered our growth- mentally and physically.

This week we too decided to take a break from our usual decoding of an iconic brand’s advertising journey and instead list down a few such Brand Sagas that deserve a shout out for the brand’s incredible communication tales so far. Henceforth we strongly recommend you take a break from viewing any television news channel or scroll through any social media platform. Let yourself sync into some nostalgia and revisit the brand commercials you enjoyed watching on your TV screens or while listening to their iconic jingles on the radio.

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It’s time for us to take a trip down the memory lane and explore the remarkable prowess of ‘2-minute Maggi Noodles’ copy, hum the ‘Humara Bajaj’ and ‘Coca Cola’ iconic jingles once again, and dance to the tunes of Vodafone Zoozoos and the adorable pug.

From unravelling a few amazing behind the scenes of certain ads, tales from the creators’ themselves for instance what led to the creation of Vodafone Zoozoos and the secret behind its pug commercial, what led Surf Excel to carry a tagline ‘Agar daag lagne se kuch accha hota hai toh #DaagAcheHain’, decoding 60 years of Fevicol’s tongue-in-cheek marketing history, Kotak Mahindra Bank’s quest to redefine the category with a distinct communication approach and more.

As we list down the ’15 Must Read Brand Sagas’, also take a look at one of the old commercials of these marvellous brands which have stayed with us for decades now.

VODAFONE - Part 1,2 & 3

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