Campaigns dedicated to teachers that keep the torch of knowledge burning

teachers campaigns

Turning the page to a syllabus that shaped our future, the whiteboard today will project campaigns devoted to the ones who enlighten our world – our teachers.

With the fading memories from the salad days, few created a lasting impact. Many of which, is the way that teachers handled my curious mind, gave answers that explained more than what the question sought, and lessons that were not from the syllabus, but were important for the course of life.

Another one of such memory is seeing a teacher broom the sidewalk before laying a mat on which her kids would sit, and she began her class without a classroom.

During the pandemic too, daily news is filled with stories such as a teacher climbing up a tree to get a better network for their online class; a teacher going door-to-door to give textbooks to their students; teachers from remote areas traveling kilometers to find a network tower, and many more.

This dedication is depicted with creative communication that sings praises of this endeavor and expresses gratitude for this spirit that can’t be wiped out.

G-Gas extols Sanjit Chakrabarty, a teacher committed to kids’ welfare and sharing insights, despite being deprived of eyesight. Students from The Akanksha Foundation share why they love their teacher. Sunfeast Mom’s Magic portrays the mother in every teacher.

Titan conveys the joy of gifting with an acoustic musical of their signature tune – Mozart’s 25th Symphony, played by students for a professor they are bidding farewell to.

Teach For India exhibits how the Torch of Knowledge that is lit by one teacher, can illuminate the dark world through learning. Many more campaigns laud the ones that wrote the future on a blackboard with a chalk.

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Teach To Lead – Teach For India

একজন সঞ্জিত চক্রবর্তী – G-Gas

Teachers Day 2017 – The Akanksha Foundation

Celebrating Teachers: Our Guides Outside Home – Sunfeast Mom’s Magic

The Joy of Gifting – Titan

Tayyari Har Exam Ki – Cadbury Bournvita

Experience Education – Sanskara School

Thank You, Teachers. Thank You Times Infinity – Google India

Why? – Ministry Of Education Singapore

Every Lesson Shapes A Life – Get Into Teaching

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