COVID-19: Lockdown campaigns from Canada like its citizens spread good vibes

Canada COVID-19 campaigns

It’s going to be a while before we take a train ride through the Rockies or drive from coast to coast, so we hike through Canada to set up camp that gives the best view of the COVID-19 and lockdown campaigns.

Along with initiatives raising awareness about precautionary measures and the social issues that the pandemic has intensified, a number of COVID-19 and lockdown campaigns from Canada also depict happiness and well-being.

Gouvernement of Québec, with the agency Cossette, and sound studio Cult Nation collaborated with music artists such as Naya Ali & Zach Zoya, for their campaign #AllAgainstOne, pumping the rhythmic spirit.

Stop The Spread, by the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice and a Toronto-based agency The Hive, called attention to racism and xenophobia against the Chinese and Asian community harming their lives, that floated in the form of misinformation, and preconceived notions.

Signal For Help by the Canadian Women’s Foundation, explains how to indicate domestic violence without leaving a digital trace. Courage by Dove Canada & Ogilvy beautifies the battle scars of healthcare workers.

Coming Out, by the agency Taxi for Egale Canada Human Rights Trust, draws parallels between the closet LGBTQIA+ community has to suffocate in, and our homes and the urge to come out.

HomeEquity Bank, Desjardins Group, Dove Men+Care Canada, Cineplex, and TELUS launch some feel-good campaigns most of them shot from home, portraying positivity that keeps the hope high like the alps in the Great White North.

Coming Out – Egale Canada Human Rights Trust

Courage – Dove Canada

Stop The Spread – Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice

Signal For Help – Canadian Women’s Foundation

Live In The Home You Love – HomeEquity Bank

Make COVID Lonely – Initiative

#IKEAHomeLessons – IKEA Canada

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#AllAgainstOne – Gouvernement Du Québec

Send A Virtual Solo – Desjardins Group

Dad On – Dove Men+Care Canada

Balcony Cinema – Cineplex

Stay Hopeful – TELUS

If we have missed out on any of your favorite campaigns from Canada themed around COVID-19 and the lockdown, write to us at [email protected] or let us know in the comments below.