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Suggested Accounts, Pages, Groups, Events, Posts, and more on Facebook and Instagram is a part of the app's experience, Facebook has shared the guidelines followed while personalizing these recommendations.

These guidelines on Facebook and Instagram are formed as a recommendation comes from an account or Page a user has chosen not to follow. Therefore, it could be sensitive content that is allowed on the platform but the user doesn't wish to see it.

There are five main categories of content that are allowed on the platform but not on recommendations:

  • Content that impedes the ability to foster a safe community
  • Sensitive or low-quality content about Health or Finance
  • Content that users broadly tell us they dislike
  • Content that is associated with low-quality publishing
  • False or misleading content

You can read the illustrative examples of content within each category here for Facebook, and here for Instagram. But mainly content that discusses or depicts self-harm, violence, sexually explicit, cosmetic procedures is not recommended.

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Along with, clickbait includes false or misleading claims, promotes the use of fraudulent documents, promotes misleading business models, and more.

Facebook tries not to recommend accounts that have violated Community Standards/Guidelines, posts, or is engaged in misleading practices or spreading misinformation, has been banned from running ads on the platforms, and more of such accounts.

It is important to note that, Facebook may not be effective in enforcing thee guidelines. As, under the category 'Content that is associated with low-quality publishing', Facebook claims to not recommend, 'Unoriginal content that is largely repurposed from another source without adding material value'.

But, several meme pages reposting the same memes without adding any material value, or even crediting the source, and several similar practices amongst various Pages posting unoriginal content is fairly common.

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