Facebook to enforce new Music Guidelines from October

Paawan Sunam
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Facebook music

According to the new Music Guidelines, the use of videos on Facebook Products to create any sort of music listening experience including Live streams will be blocked on the platform.

The set of guidelines would be effective from October 1. The platform states that the music listening experiences created for themselves or other users will be blocked. Along with the content being blocked, the profile, page, or group on Facebook that posted the music listening experience may be deleted.

This could be a big blow for music artists, creators, and brands. The role of Live Music in brands’ lockdown content plan has been a significant one.

Since the lockdown began, Music has been the second-highest most consumed genre. Along with the music industry, radio & music channels, pubs, bars, others that surround the nightlife and more brands had been filling in the gap through Live Music on social media.

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Along with serving the consumption needs, several initiatives backed by music listening experiences were also created for charitable causes and supporting relief funds.

Facebook and Instagram were the epicentres of such events, on both Live and Feed, other significant platform being YouTube. But the guidelines now suggest that Facebook only wants users to enjoy videos posted by family and friends.

Along with hampering brands' content plan, the rules may particularly not be favourable for upcoming music artists who work independently and do not have the resources and platform music labels provide.

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