Facebook tests Accounts Center for managing accounts across apps

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Sep 30, 2020 06:24 IST
Facebook Accounts Center

The Accounts Center is being worked on with an objective to allow users to control connected experiences that work over the Facebook family of apps. 

Starting this week, Accounts Center is being tested in settings on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. 

Using Accounts Center and connected experiences is optional. In Accounts Center you can turn any of these connected experiences off or on including Single Sign-On, which lets you log in and recover your accounts, and cross-posting, which lets you share the same story or post on both Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook Accounts

Later this year, the company will add Facebook Pay to Accounts Center. In the US, you can enter your payment information once on Facebook and then use Facebook Pay to make secure purchases and donations across Facebook and Instagram. 

Facebook Accounts

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Using Accounts Center doesn’t require users to have the same identity across all apps – you can still choose to be Aisha Ahmed on Facebook, for example, and @bakersdozen on your Instagram account.

Facebook Accounts

However, you can sync your name and profile photo across Facebook apps. That way, if you change your name or your profile photo on Facebook, it will update on Instagram as well. If you change your mind, you can stop your name and profile photos from syncing going forward. 

Facebook will continue using your data and information for activities such as showing relevant ads and content, and more when you set up your Accounts Center.

The platform will also use your information to personalize experiences across accounts, like suggested friends and accounts to follow.

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