Inside: Ekla Cholo Re – Tata Structura’s content marketing campaign with SVF

SVF Brands

‘Ekla Cholo Re’, presented by SVF Brands, powered by TATA Structura is a celebration of the unbreakable spirit of the para-athletes. We speak to both to dwell deeper in its making and conceptualization.

A rendition of Rabindranath Tagore’s Ekla Cholo Re is an initiative by SVF Brands powered by Tata Structura, where, through this content piece, the never-back-down spirit of para-athletes is celebrated. These para-athletes have succeeded in overcoming obstacles with their consistent efforts and have moved forward with their dreams. The music video is streaming now on the YouTube channel of SVF.

About ‘Ekla Cholo Re’

Anupam Roy, a National Award-winning music director, singer, lyricist has lend his voice for a Rabindrasangeet and the campaign which imbibes the feel and look of a music video features Indian para-athletes Ujjwal Ghosh, Saheb Hossein, Rubia Chatterjee, Ajibur Rahman Molla, Sufiya Molla and players from the Football Association for the Blind of Bengal (FABB).

Through the campaign, SVF Brands and Tata Structura aim to reiterate the faith of being an individual and the need to move forward, overcoming every obstacle that one might meet in the pathway towards their goal (s).

Campaign Insight

“The idea behind this video came from the strange pull us Bengalis have towards the tune of “EklaCholo Re”. In other words, Tagore has instilled upon us an indomitable spirit of bravery, through this song, shares Arindam Biswas, Head – SVF Brands.

Biswas adds, “A story had to be told, and thus, we showcased these para-athletes, who we felt are among the section of people getting affected the most in these trying times.”

Brand & campaign objective

Biswas claims that the mission is to help brands reach the audience in such a way that it leaves the desired mark. “The east market is very heavily inclined on quality storytelling and we at SVF strongly believe that we understand the pulse of quality storytelling and thus extending our expertise to collaborate with brands to tell the brand story and also provide extensive channels to distribute the same,” he says.

For example, in the case of EklaCholo Re, the teams had to combine the brand ethos of Tata Structura, which was to highlight the idea of keeping dreams alive and protect what we love combined with the stories of para-athletes who never give up on their dreams despite their struggles.

The Campaign Journey

The idea of re-creating Tagore’s EklaCholo Re came from Anupam Roy, as the team wanted to create a visual that was never experienced in such a way for a music video before. What alerted SVF Brands about these para-athletes were certain articles that took them through their journey, thus, it wanted to focus on taking their story to the larger audience from bigger platforms.

“The song “EklaCholo Re” perfectly fits into showcasing their daily life and struggles. We also wanted to focus on all kinds of para-athletes, from different sports backgrounds, and how each of their struggles is different and how they have fought all fears to go out and do what they dreamt of!” exclaims Biswas.

The team shot the song in a period of two days, focusing typically on isolated areas, capturing the cityscape of Kolkata while maintaining the norms and protocols of the present situation.

For the editing and packaging of the video, the entire post-production team worked remotely from home, over multiple video calls and brainstorming sessions regularly. It was a joint effort of the music team, brand team, production team, and the client (Tata Structura) to come together for a sole purpose.

He further adds, “Even though editing content like from home, without any supervision or inputs from all the teams involved was a challenge, however, through efficient and seamless communications, we successfully made the video Tata wanted and we wanted to deliver to them!”

The Singers’ Take

“I learned this song in my early childhood from my mother. I did not know the notations. I sang whatever I recalled from memory, which could be the reason why I frequently kept moving away from the original composition. I started listening to various recordings of this song, and each presentation got me thinking,” shares Anupam Roy on making of the song.

“Even now, the language of Tagore’s protest, his ideologies, is so relevant. I have been thinking for a long time about recording a song by Rabi Thakur. I was preoccupied with so many things, that I was not being able to make time for it. What would I sing? Would it be an album, or would it rather be single?” says Roy.

In the meantime, he got a call from his friend who came over to his place one day, where the started chatting about music. Then he sang me a piece – it was “EklaCholo Re”, but broken down in a unique rendition. Roy found his idea very innovative.  

“Nowadays, a song requires a video alongside. Arindam and his team have helped me with regard to this. ). I hope the audience likes the song written in 1905, revived and sung by me in a unique way in 2019, which also happens to be my first RabindraSangeet recorded,” Roy adds.

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Social Media Plug-In

The campaign was solely designed to be on the digital platform – where the idea was to reach out to prominent people who can create a talkability factor around the song.

SVF Brands partnered with key people across social media platforms (higher focus over Twitter). The song was shared by 20+ A category celebrities and talent from the Bengal Entertainment Industry, the Indian Football Team, ATK Mohun Bagan to eminent personalities like Boman Irani, director NiteshTiwary, who felt he was back in his Dangal days, cricketers like Manoj Tiwari, tons of sports journalists and by lyricist and ad-mastermind Prasoon Joshi.

“This helped in creating a fantastic concentrated buzz regionally and nationally to reach out to the right set of audience-base,” says Biswas.

The media mix is 70% digital and 30% PR driven with a communication focus on the brand hashtag #ProtectWhatYouLove.

He notes, “In these unprecedented times, mankind has to step up and be individualistic in their approach of staying safe and maintaining social distance, even though we had to return to our workplaces or start our daily chores. Let’s stay apart to be together to fight against all odds and thrive for survival!”

The Changing Strategies

Biswas is quick to opine that the pandemic has made us realize that content consumption and brand communication through traditional mediums like electronic and print are not as effective as it used to be.

People have inclined themselves to these media to primarily consume content related to the pandemic or news around it and accepted digital consumption their chosen form of medium in the mode of entertainment.

SVF Brands’ strategy is to create relevant content for brands that would reach the consumers in the convenience of their homes, on their mobiles, while browsing for new content. The core idea is to create shareable content, that everyone can relate to, has an emotional appeal, and leaves a strong message behind while leaving a strong brand recall.

The New Normal

“If it were the earlier days, we would have had a big event with Anupam Roy and the para-athletes along with the entire SVF, SVF Brands, and Tata Structura Team over along with media presence,” shares Biswas.

The team connected 300 people virtually to felicitate the para-athletes and promise them support for their future endeavors. Anupam Roy was also felicitated by the management of Tata for his contribution to the making of the music video.

“It was a grand affair overall following the ways of the new normal yet keeping alive the sanctity of a larger-than-life event. In practice, we as an organization and team are maintaining the norms and regulations that the government has implemented,” he adds.

Work and meetings are happening through video calls and physical meetings as less a possible. The team is being educated and equipped with the right work from a home culture which is enabling us to accept the new normal, ideate in our full capacity and ensure the smooth functioning across departments.