Instagram introduces updates to focus more on Reels

Reels updates

Instagram is going all-in on Reels, and prompting more users to dive into the functionality and create short-form videos with the recently introduced updates and experiments.

#Testing: Placement Of Reels Icon

Instagram is testing different versions of the home screen with the inclusion of Reels & Shop tabs, the two of Instagram’s latest ventures.

The platform recently replaced the Explore icon with Reels in India. Users around the world may see different versions of the home screen with varied placements.

Placing the Reels or Shop icon on the frequently used tabs may gain more clicks, but it may also disrupt several users’ experience, making them not like the update.

Reels Updates
Image Credits: Adam Mosseri

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Reels Trend Report

The monthly trend report will highlight the popular trends in Reels each month. For instance, the introductory report features prominent creators tapping the recently growing trend – #Infotainment, which is entertaining tutorials.

Suggested Reels

The Suggested Reels tab is similar to ‘Suggested Stories’ that you see after a few scrolls in the feed.

The tab is another push amongst the updates for users to view more Reels, as the Feed is the section where users spend most of their time, and it may push users who are not interested in Reels for more clicks.

Reels updates
Screenshot Credits: Lindsey Gamble