Inside: Kamdhenu Paints’ monsoon marketing & brand building strategy

Kamdhenu Paints social media strategy

Social Samosa takes a look at the recent Monsoon campaign by Kamdhenu Paints and how they use social media to build narratives and connect with potential customers.

With about 13K responses on social media channels and a reach of over 29K, the monsoon content run by Kamdhenu Paints was a boundary hit for the brand. They were able to achieve their set goals from the activity, which were to educate audiences about the features and benefits of their premium product for external walls, Kamdhenu Weather Classic Max and to entice and capture the attention of audiences in an exciting way.

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Posted by Kamdhenu Paints on Friday, 21 August 2020

The activity was a simple one. People were asked to share screenshots, capturing the box of paint within the confines of the stencil shape in the creative. The efforts were supported by various posts to create awareness about the product, solve doubts and reassure people about its benefits.

This Monsoon paint your walls with Kamdhenu Weather Classic Max and Weather Supreme to protect the walls from extreme…

Posted by Kamdhenu Paints on Monday, 27 July 2020

“We want our audience to see us as the brand that is quirky and interesting, and not some old, boring emulsion brand,” Saurabh Agarwal, Director, Kamdhenu Paints tells us, adding that they get the best engagement on Facebook and Instagram.

Kamdhenu Social Media Strategy

For Kamdhenu, their primary audience is anyone between the age of 23 and 65 years, has a family, loves beautiful home decor and is looking to getting their home painted.

Since quite a few such people are online, they curate content and creatives keeping in mind strategies that would effectively appeal to them.

Agarwal tells us about the overall social media strategy and how it involves reaching the target audience with quirky content. “Each platform has different features that help with brand promotions. For example, Instagram comes with Stories that work really well for our brand when we run contests on the platform. On Twitter, we use unique hashtags and tweet mostly on trending topics to garner responses from our audiences.”

The brand also often shares media coverage to highlight its thought leadership and brand value.

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In regards to queries, the social media team usually gets asked about the location of their dealers and other product-related queries online. These constitute specifics such as which option would be better for exterior walls of a house in humid areas of UP.

Given how they deal with paints, a good number of posts deal with educational content in regards to colours and the importance of paying attention to the walls of one’s house. They also often concentrate on the intrinsic human behaviour of wanting to live in a beautiful house.

Building a brand

An important aspect of Kamdhenu Paint’s social media presence is patriotism. Quite a few posts by them have the tricolour shades in them. When asked about this phenomenon, Agarwal explains, “We believe patriotism is a feeling that works well with just every Indian who is passionate about his country.”

He adds, “Under the recent developments of banning Chinese products and increasing importance on local products, this patriotism is flourishing even more in every Indian.” With the help of their ‘Be Indian. Buy Indian’ campaign, they hope to promote a buying behaviour in favour of Made in India products.

Ultimately, as Agarwal tells us, “The communication that adds some patriotism shades works well amongst the audience and is remembered for a longer duration.”

As a brand, Kamdhenu Paints has been involved as a sponsor for various offline events that feature performances by Bollywood celebrities. The footage from such events is often used as a social media asset by the brand. It helps add value and credibility to their work.

Agarwal explains, “These videos or clips are often integrated on our social channels as we wish our audience to be a part of the overall experience. This also helps our social media strategy as it allows our users to draw the level and class of Kamdhenu Paints, increasing their trust level on the brand.”

Kamdhenu Paints has been able to capture the imagination of the audiences they wish to communicate with on social media. Given how people are not going to spend on their products on a regular basis, their strategy deals with disseminating information that tugs at a certain sentimental level with their potential target consumers. This includes educating them about the need to buy such products as well as entertain them and go with the wave of trends that matter to their consumers, for example, Vocal for Local.