Network appoints Harish Shriyan and Amit Ray as Executive Directors


Network Advertising has announced Harish Shriyan and Amit Ray as Executive Directors. Both would be providing an integrated approach to help the clients grow their businesses.

Before joining Network Advertising, Shriyan was Group CEO of Omnicom Media Group. Prior to that, he held leadership positions in MediaCom. He has managed portfolios of global brands like Renault, Nissan, HP, Volkswagen, Beiersdorf, Vivo, Sony Pictures, Johnson & Johnson among others.

The Indian clients he has managed include Tata Motors, Kotak Mahindra, Arvind Mills, and Parle Agro.

Ray has worked with brands like Unilever, Nestle, and Indian corporations like ITC and Reliance Jio. He has headed the media function in agencies like Mudra and been on the client side holding a leadership position at Reliance Infocomm.

Speaking about the appointments, Vinod Nair, Managing Director, Network Advertising said “We feel fortunate to induct someone like Harish with such invaluable experience in running a large, multifaceted media company. Harish understands deeply what it takes to build organizations. His perspectives and values, both on business and people, match ours. This is a welcome addition to Network. On the other hand, Amit is very passionate when it comes to finding the optimum solution for clients. He has an extremely analytical mind, fantastic at spotting trends and decoding the stories behind numbers. Amit always dwells on what makes sense for the business first. That perspective is going to prove a precious asset in our forward journey.”

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“These inclusions create a powerhouse of talent within Network. They allow us to design customized solutions for clients, regardless of the investment side. They help us to truly provide an integrated, well-rounded approach when it comes to helping clients grow their business” said Vinod.

Commenting on the new role, Harish Shriyan, Executive Director, Network Advertising said, “I am really looking forward to working in a truly Indian, completely independent agency; not limited in its capacity to do the right thing by global dictats. I aim to assist Network in growing to its true potential. I am also excited with the opportunity to work closely with brand strategy and creative teams because I feel this integration can truly provide a competitive edge to the client’s business. I have been impressed with the rigor in Network’s approach and am eager to add my effort and contribution.”

Amit Ray, Executive Director, Network Advertising added, “I was drawn by Network’s process of talking ‘business first’. Their holistic approach resonated with my beliefs. There was a feet-on-the-ground demeanor and a willingness to be utterly candid with the client. I have always believed in focusing on how the solution proposed works for the client at a business level, and at Network, I feel there has been a meeting of minds.”