Parachute Advansed pays lyrical ode to coconut

Parachute Advanced ad

Parachute Advansed has come up with a lyrical ad campaign spot for World Coconut Day, highlighting the various uses and gifts of the fruit.

Prominently found along the coastal belt of the country, coconut is a fruit that has a special place in various cultures across geographies. It is eaten raw, used as an offering in rituals and included in recipes in various forms. With a number of offerings containing coconut oil, Parachute Advansed is perhaps one of the best-suited brands to highlight the goodness of coconut as a fruit in all its glory in an ad. And, they did.

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Their World Coconut Day ad campaign talks about the various ways in which a coconut is consumed across the country. They focus specifically on the cultural importance of the fruit. “Here is an ode to the coconut which is an integral part of the rich and diverse Indian culture,” the brand says, introducing the campaign.

Inevitably, the narrative links back these aspects of goodness to the use of coconut oil as hair oil. In between food and other cultural references, one can notice visuals of oil being applied by several generations of a family. They concentrate on how coconut oil helps strengthen hair, a brand connect.