Pinterest launches Story Pins for business accounts

Pinterest Story Pins

Business accounts can share up to 20 pages videos, images, or text, through Story Pins in the Home Feed and more places in the Pinterest app.

Captions, supply lists, and more can also be included in the multi-page Pins. Users can add comments, reactions, and save Story Pins to their boards on Pinterest.

Story Pins can be used to create DIY guides, recipes, curated collection, or uploading sequential multiple short-videos.

Story Pins will be visible to users who do not follow you as well, so it may also help a business grow its audience.

Videos between 1 to 60 seconds are allowed for this format. The are no restrictions for images or videos but Story Pins’ aspect ratio is 9:16. The recommended file sizes are 16mb for Android and iOS and for web, 32mb(max) for images, and 50mb for videos.

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Story Pins aren’t available on the full scale. If you’re in the US, you can request access by filling out and submitting this form. You will hear back from the platform in 5-7 days if your request is approved.

With Pinterest adding Stories to the platform, almost all major social media platforms now have the format which Snapchat pioneered.

Although on Pinterest, the format has some major variations. For instance, Story Pins are not ephemeral and users can save them. Also, the format on Pinterest is driven more towards the essence of the platform, finding inspiration, or finding something to do.

Since informative and edutainment content seems to garner high engagement, the feature may be able to increase engagement for brands that use it effectively.

Learn how to create Story Pins here.