Stayfree extends #ItsJustAPeriod campaign to World Daughter's Day

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Stayfree continues normalizing the period conversation and motivates parents to a positive and progressive approach towards menstruation, with their Daughter’s Day campaign.

#ItsJustAPeriod urges families to support daughters who go through their first periods by keeping her informed and reassuring her that its normal and she needn’t be scared.

Nearly 15 million girls enter the menarche cycle every year in India, yet more than 71% of them have no knowledge of menstruation before their periods. A girl’s first period can be difficult and confusing for her. Without proper information and guidance, they end up dreading periods for life.

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To address this, Stayfree has also tied up with Menstrupedia to provide a free virtual session for parents to help them have a conversation about periods with their daughter. The session aims to ensure that families are able to overcome their inhibitions to have an open and healthy discussion. Stayfree has also associated with some influencers on social media to spread this message.

“National Daughter’s Day celebrates the gift of daughters and signifies the importance and joy daughters bring to our lives. This Daughter’s Day, we urge parents to take the first step to make their daughter’s life easier by normalizing period conversations in their homes. All it takes is one conversation to help a girl understand more about menstruation, bust some myths, and make the journey of her menstruation normal. We at Stayfree® are committed to helping young girls and their families and will continue to support and encourage them.”

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