#Testing: Cross-posting Instagram Stories on Facebook app

Paawan Sunam
Sep 07, 2020 05:57 IST
New Update
Instagram Stories

Facebook is working on an option to let your followers view your Instagram Stories on the Facebook app.

The feature is currently in the testing phase with a limited group of users. You will see the views and Story Replies on Instagram. Only your Instagram followers who are your friends on Facebook can see the Stories.

The followers would also need to link their Facebook & Instagram accounts and opt in to this viewing setting. You can also choose to not share your Instagram Story on Facebook.

The test has been confirmed to Matt Navarra by Alexandru Voica from Facebook, who also claims the feature "respects all privacy settings".



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Cross-posting Stories and Posts has always been an option on Instagram, the new feature seems to be a version of the previously available feature and a push for Facebook Stories.

Stories from all platforms will appear in one tab beside each other. Users will be able to differentiate them, as Instagram Stories will show username of that platform and the ring will be of native Instagram colors instead of blue.

Since Facebook duplicated Stories and launched it on its apps, it has taken off on Instagram, but not so much on Facebook, the only place more deserted than Facebook Stories is WhatsApp Stories.

The new feature may or may not be launched or improved, depending on the feedback received from the tests.

Screenshot Credits: @ec_wife

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