Twitter introduces two new teams to work on accessibility

Twitter accessibility news

The new teams will focus on accessibility, tooling and advocacy across all products that make public conversations possible on Twitter.

In an attempt to show commitment towards accessibility, Twitter has introduced two new dedicated teams. These include the Accessibility Center of Excellence and the Experience Accessibility Team. While the former will focus on changing things in regards to core business functions, the latter will work on the execution and to better services.

The Accessibility Center for Excellence will drive progress, consult and partner with groups across Twitter’s business functions. They will also set goals around accessibility in their office spaces, marketing and communication strategies, legal and policy standards and more.

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The Experience Accessibility Team will work with the Accessibility Center for Excellence to ensure that Twitter leadership is held accountable to identify and fill the accessibility gaps throughout their product development lifecycle. They will work on new and existing features and products as well as provide resources and tools to promote accessibility.

Earlier this year, when Twitter started testing voice tweets, they got flak for not considering those with disabilities while making the product. They acknowledge the issue, apologies and expressed the will to be better. The platform is also working on adding automated captions to audio and video by early next year.