Twitter users go into a frenzy over the Like animation for #AppleEvent

Twitter #AppleEvent

While ‘Time Flies’, this year’s #AppleEvent has been a widely discussed topic for several reasons since last night, the most talked about is the Twitter Like animation.

With no signs of iPhone12, #iOS14, and the new Apple watches, iOS users couldn’t stay off Twitter and kept hitting like on #AppleEvent tweets.

Whenever a user hits Like on a tweet with the #AppleEvent, instead of the usual celebratory heart pop-up, an animated outline goes for a rollercoaster ride and swirls into a heart. You can check it out in the below video.

Twitter has been taking it further than custom emojis for significant days and events such as #Mars2020, and #AppleEvent, this time it’s with animated likes.

The animation was in line with the Apple Event creative unit for Time Flies.

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Twitter has also created custom Like animations for the hashtags – #JuntosSomos, and #BlackJoy. The animations are more like miniature pieces of artwork. Hit ‘Like’ and try them out.



While several went into an enthusiastic mania over Apple’s Like animation, several also posted some amusing reactions.

Zomato also joined in the conversation…


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