Twitter adds info about people sliding in your DMs

Twitter DMs

With the new update, Twitter will show more information about how you are connected to the person sending DMs and their profile.

In the message requests window on Twitter, you will see mutual followers with each request in DMs, and the profile along with the message can be viewed once you tap a request along with the usual options to block, delete, or accept.

Given the public nature of the platform, the platform intends to give you more context before you accept a request, and enable users to engage in private conversations whilst avoiding unwelcomed requests.

If you have the ‘Receive messages from anyone’ setting enabled, messages sent by people you don’t follow, or group conversations you have been added to, by people you don’t follow will appear in ‘Message Requests’.

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‘Message Requests’ can be accessed through a tap at the top of the inbox. A conversation will be moved to the main inbox only after you ‘Accept’ it. In October 2019, Twitter also rolled out DM Filters for unwanted messages.

The feature that was being tested since August 2019, and is now available on iOS, Android, and Web. DM Requests or unsolicited messages would be gathered in the ‘Additional Messages’ box, with an option to delete the messages.

To disable or enable the quality filter for message requests:

  • At the top of your Message requests tab, tap the ‘Settings’ icon.
  • Under Privacy, toggle the slider next to the Quality filter.