WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow: Ep 15 ft Aastha Bhatnagar

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Aastha Bhatnagar

Wunderman Thompson's Aastha Bhatnagar gives us a sneak peek into her work from home routine and the new habits formed.

"WFH is very crazy, there was no boundary to things and we totally lost the concept of 9-6. But now gradually we have gotten used to it. It has kind of synched in and we started finding out our own routines," says Aastha Bhatnagar, Client Services Director, Wunderman Thompson- Delhi.

Bhatnagar starts her day quite early with 30 minutes of exercise, and sometimes it gets coupled with work. As soon as the clock hits 8/8.30 am, she makes her breakfast and tries to keep it healthy but at times resorts to making something fancy.

She adds further, "Later the working hours start which gets crazy because work and home together- it takes time to balance it out. Technology has made this entire process very seamless. From daily human interaction with clients to zoom call meetings- its been so effortless. This could have been the time when we could have been really helpless- but what it really did was empowered us."

According to Bhatnagar, lunching, and having dinner with the family has been the best part of working from home. She tries to wrap up work by 6.30/7 pm- its funny when she says that because it never happens.

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WFH has also given her time to read. "I am a sucker of productivity- hacks, and methods. So during the lockdown I also read a lot fo productivity books- it relaxes me and I find my calm there," she highlights.

Watch the video to know-how in between all the work from home chaos and managing calls, Bhatnagar makes sure to take out time for herself and her family.

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