WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow: Ep 8 ft Anvita Arora

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Anvita Arora

Anvita Arora, Group Head- Digital, 22feet Tribal Worldwide talks about the WFH lessons of setting priorities, time management, and productivity.

Anvita Arora moved from Bangalore to Mumbai about two years ago to join 22feet Tribal Worldwide. Since then she has been on her own managing work and personal life in the bustling maximum city. In episode 8 of WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow, Anvita Arora shows a glimpse of what her day looks like.

Arora wakes up at 8.30 AM and starts her work by 9.30 AM. She informs that the in-between time is utilized in drinking copious amounts of black coffee which are coupled by scrolling through Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and going through some recent work.

The first 30 minutes in her TDL constitutes checking on brands she works on, her team, creatives, and planning the day’s work- that generally binds her till about 12 PM and that’s when most of her client calls start.

Arora also makes sure to block out some time for herself. “This is what my team and I have worked towards We actually make ourselves unavailable and block our calendars for that time so there are no meetings set, no calls happening because you really need that time for yourselves especially when you are the one who is making lunch,” she shares.  

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The second half of her day is an entire day in itself, as she puts it, which includes working on pitch decks, proposals, having a couple of brainstorming sessions, checking in with mentors.  

The video speaks in detail about how between catching up wit Netflix and chill, work, and bartan duties keep Arora engaged throughout the day.

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