WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow: Ep 13 ft Arantxa Aquino

Arantxa Aquino

Arantxa Aquino, Senior Executive – Human Resources, DAN India wonders how the world has changed and everyone has adjusted and accepted the ‘new normal’ as she gives a sneak peek into her WFH routine.

“Our daily routines have changed. From the bed, sofa, to the kitchen to the dining table, the beanbag, every corner of my house is my workspace,” says Arantxa Aquino. The episode 13 of WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow traverses through a day in her work from home life.

She further highlights that the stretches and small breaks have now become a part of every work calls and team meetings. “Working from home also makes us do home work, a lot of it,” she stresses while she chops veggies in the kitchen and performs the dishwashing duty daily.

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However, on the upside to this massive downside situation, Aquino is glad that she finally got some time to spend with her little girl (pet) where she takes her on long walks- playing, talking and most of the time complaining.

“Now that I save some travel time, I try to get a workout done. Clearly, I am only trying. My evenings are more relaxed. And just before I know the day is over,” she adds.

The below video captures her blissful moments with the neighboring kid and her pet dog while she tries to concentrate on work simultaneously managing home duties.