WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow: Ep 12 ft Ayshwarya Sharma

Sneha Yadav
Sep 07, 2020 08:22 IST
Ayshwarya Sharma

For a long period of this lockdown, Leo Burnett’s Ayshwarya Sharma, like many of us had no real people interaction. Her ‘new normal’ sentiments are rightly captured in the video story below.

The latest episode of WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow edition takes a sneak peek in the life of Ayshwarya Sharma, Creative Strategist, Apollo 11, Innovation Lab, Leo Burnett while staying and working from home and juggling work and family calls through DMs and no in-person talks.

“During this lockdown, I lived and shared my life through DMs. Coffee is something that helps me get through Round One which consists of team meetings and briefing. At least I get to see all their faces and bang on time too. This never happened on a regular office day,” shares Sharma.  

Later she embarks onto getting some mid-day boost through exercise and working out at the comfort of her home post which she is all set for Round 2 which means going back to the work desk and battle stations.

Meanwhile, Sharma shares that she has undertaken to have a behavioral economics course online for inspiration and is also learning Ukulele.

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Round 3 gets needs to navigate through different time zones and finally getting a chance to catch up with her family over a quick video call session.

Watch the video to know how Sharma’s day pans as she practices social distancing and works from home, simultaneously hoarding veggies, cooking, and managing self

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