WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow: Ep 21 ft Megha Chakrabarti

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Megha Chakrabarti

In the latest episode of WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow, Megha Chakrabarti shares with us what a day in her work from home life looks like.

Surprising, for Megha, drawing the curtain in the morning is much more than the act. “That's a very very important moment in my day like if there is sunlight outside I automatically feel so much better,” says Megha Chakrabarti, Copywriter, Havas Gurgaon.

She goes on to tell us that it is the first time in a while that she, her mother, and grandmother are living together – thanks to the lockdown. She adds, “After having my morning coffee, this is also the part of the day where I argue with both of them about not arguing with each other.”

Her morning exercise routine includes a mix of cardio and Pilates, post which she goes onto fix a breakfast for herself which is usually some form of an egg. Chakrabarti likes cooking for herself. Hence when she is in a mood to make something nice for dinner, she cooks ramen for herself and her ladies in the house.

The first half of the day in her work life consists of meeting deadlines and attending calls. When she takes a break she prefers watching some K drama, listening to music, and nowadays she is also studying Korean.

“I guess all of our workdays look more or less the same right now. If I can and if I don’t have meetings in the evening, I try to take a walk to one of my closest friend’s house,” she shares.  

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After this lockdown period is over, Chakrabarti shall still be seen making ten-year plans but now she has learned to live life at the moment. She adds, “When it comes to traveling I am going to make next weekend or next to next weekend plan instead of waiting for five months from now because we really don’t know how things will turn out.”  

Watch the video as Chakrabarti doodles her WFH Diaries and shares her learnings.

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