WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow: Ep 22 ft Nidhi Chhibber

Sneha Yadav
Sep 25, 2020 05:20 IST
Nidhi Chhibber

Posterscope’s Nidhi Chhibber tells us how she has discovered a whole new meaning of ‘Work From Home’ under lockdown.

"Am I audible? Can you see my screen?", says Nidhi Chhibber, Associate Business Director, Posterscope as she starts narrating her WFH diaries with the two sentences we have all overused in the past few months. Before lockdown, every time a friend mentioned that he/she has a WFH option, Chhibber sort of envied them.

She always thought of work from home in terms of no commute, less interruption, more concentration when it came to working, a cup of homemade chai whenever felt like, and most importantly comfort of working in PJs – all day long.

"But if these four months have taught me anything- that even WFH has its own set of challenges. The first few days of lockdown I was excited to try this new mode of working. Looked forward to the daily team meetings in the morning, training sessions in the afternoon, and most importantly I was grateful to have made it home just before the lockdown," Chhibber shares.

The lockdown turned out to be a blessing in disguise for her for she has been staying away from her family for years. But as days went by, like most of us, Chhibber too started missing her colleagues, office brainstorming sessions, lunch break, pitches, gossip sessions, and chai breaks.

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She says, "Soon the excitement of WFH changed to concern especially in the direction in which our business was heading as briefs and campaigns started drying out. When you work from home you need a lot of self-discipline to keep the momentum going and especially when you work alone, procrastination is highly present whereas at work it is easy to focus when everyone around you is chasing the same goal."

Apart from chasing deadlines, Chhibber also gave herself tasks that she had to achieve on a daily basis. "Things like starting work on time in the morning and wrapping it on time in the evening, ensuring and logging in 10000 steps in my wrist band which is approximately 7-8 km of the walk, finishing at least two books in a month and more," she notes.

Watch the video to know which book is Chiber currently hooked onto and why it has left her amazed.

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