WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow: Ep 11 ft Nitesh Tripathi

Nitesh Tripathi

As per mcgarrybowen India’s Nitesh Tripathi, the concept of WFH is not new but its adaptation on such a large scale is new and challenging.

“All of us are around the same page when it comes to lockdown restrictions. But over the time we have learned a few things, we may not know how to win this game but we surely know how to survive this,” says Nitesh Tripathi, Senior Copywriter, mcgarrybowen India. the latest episode of WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow edition narrates his WFH routine and the

For Tripathi, the first two weeks were quite confusing. He shares, “People around me and on social media were like hey guys, let’s make the most of it, learn this and that, do something new, etc. And I gave into that with all the excitement and eagerness to try something new- learning a new language,  a new instrument – but I couldn’t.  A lot was going on.”

He further mentions how he couldn’t figure out reacting to things as everything was so sudden. But then he thought to himself why to do something new when you are actually living the new. The situation is new for all and whatever we do is going to be novel.

And with time Tripathi’s WFH routine too got on track. He wakes up around  7 am and the first thing he does is turn off the AC- which he terms as just middle-class upbringing stuff. “Then I get onto making breakfast. The scenario is slightly changed before the lockdown my morning ritual included drinking a glass of lukewarm water and starting the chores. But now its also about what to eat and how to cook it. For me, good food is like a reward,” he exclaims.

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His work officially starts at 10 but he logs in at 9.30 am (*the secret’s out now*) and definitely misses the ultracold meeting rooms and the coffee machine. “I make sure that I am taking small breaks in between all the work – doing lunch and dinner preps,” he informs.

Watch the video to know more about how Tripathi is keeping up with the ‘not-so-normal’ WFH routine while cooking new dishes every day and simultaneously spinning some creative thoughts while on duty.